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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Partway through Week 2

And all going well. Ish. :)

I put my back out on Monday night. I went for a walk after work, and it turns out all the footpaths on the streets around where I work are slightly sloped down towards the road. Just enough to be painful after 10 minutes or so. I woke up Tuesday morning with my back in spasms. It has settled down somewhat now, although I am going to try and get in to see my chiropractor tonight as it is still out. I have done a couple of slow walks, but nothing too strenuous since then.

Food has been good, apart from Tuesday night. Movie Popcorn. I will say no more...

I had my induction at the gym last night. Because my back is out I couldn't really do anything, but she gave me an upper body weight program and showed me how to use all the equipment. If my back is more settled by tomorrow night I will try and get there and work my way through it. It turns out a few of my friends are members of the same gym, so hopefully we can buddy up occasionally which will make it more fun.

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