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Saturday, 7 January 2012

I joined the Gym

Yep, I did it. I actually joined a gym. My membership starts on Wednesday and I have my induction that night. I am going to ask for an upper body weights plan. My legs are pretty strong. My plan will be to get there for 2 weight sessions a week, I will have to work that into my exercise plan somehow. I will also utitlise the gym for cardio, be it the machines or Group Fitness when I get fitter. I can use any of their centres so may even join up with my OFB Buddy occasionally for a workout. She is a member of the same chain of gyms.

Yesterday ended well again, although I took the slack option for dinner and got Subway. I ate 1939 cals which is great.

I am having a rest day today and boy do I need it. My legs are SO tired and achey. My feet are swollen. And I generally feel bloated and blech. But I will come good tomorrow and by Monday will be ready for the new week of exercise.

My exercise plan for the new week is
5 x 30 min walks
2 x 20 min rides (may be on the exercise bike at the gym)
1 x weight session

Sunday will be my rest day and I think I am going to need it. LOL

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